How to Turn Off (Disable) Facebook Game Notifications

by Anne Barnes on November 26, 2012

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One of the most common annoying notifications on Facebook is the game notice and invitation such as Tetris, CashVille, FarmVille and many more games.

Although most of us played with Facebook Games but there are lots of people who wanted to get rid of this kind of notifications especially for those who don’t play on Facebook.

It is most most common that we will see some Facebook notifications everytime you log on to your Facebook account. Some of us hoped that these are important updates or someone has left an important comment to one of your status for pictures but then you suddenly turn out to be just some game requests, app notifications and so on.

Due to some numerous request on how to get rid or to disable the Facebook Game Notifications we have came up with a solution to this problem by following the instructions below:

Here’s how to get rid of the FB Game Notifications:

Step 1: 

Log in to your Facebook account and go to the indications button in Facebook located at the upper left corner.

Step 1 Go to Notifications Check Notification Status on Facebook

Step 2: 

Click the notification icon so that you can see all the notifications.

Facebook tips Notification settings

Step 3:

In the upper right hand corner of your notification box, you will see an “X” with caption of “Turn Off”. Click on it. You may also want to click “See All” so you can see all of your notifications.

Turning Off Facebook Notifications Notifications on Facebook

Step 4:

If you want to never see a game notification or game requests for that specific game again, click on ‘Turn off’. Else, you might want to keep it on.

Facebook Techniques Facebook Notifications Turn Off

 Step 5:

You can also undo your action or report the app for spam after you disabled the game notifications or game requests.

Facebook Notifications Techniques Facebook Options in Notifications


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