John Cena Involved in a Car Crash Accidents (Photos)

by Anne Barnes on March 20, 2012

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The former World Wrestling Entertainment Champion John Cena was involved in a car crash today after he was rear-ended by a tractor trailer but he is okay right now and still decided to consult a physician.

John Cena is set to meet with another famous fighter in the Wrestling world who have been a constant figures in the movie industry, The Rock. Despite the accidents, John Cena assured his fans that their fight will not be put in jeopardy.

The highly-anticipated duel between two of the world’s most popular wrestlers of our time is scheduled this coming April 1, 2012.

John Cena was riding his SUV which was the lead dog in a three-vehicles accident, wherein his car was hit by a small Honda Civic, the car which hits Cena was was also hit from behind by a massive big rig.

Here are some exclusive photos of the accident: Photo Credits TMZ


John Cena Car Crash Pictures

John Cena at the Crash Scene


John Cena Car Crash Pictures

John Cena Car Crash


John Cena Car Accident Photos

John Cena's SUV


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