Bennett College: The Abandoned Private School in New York Soon to be Demolished

by Anne Barnes on April 25, 2012

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An abandoned private school in New York caused a stir online when a youtube video was posted on the internet and people started showing their concerns with the ill-fated school which was popular during the early 1890.

The abandoned private school for girls was the “Bennett College”  in Millbrook New York it was founded in 1890 and closed its doors in 1978, once stood proud and prestigious. The school building was originally designed as a luxury hotel “Halcyon Hall”.  There are no neighboring properties in sight of its desolate location.

Having served as the main building of the Miss Bennett Finishing school for girls, eventually it evolved into a women’s college, a private school for almost a century, one can only imagine the secrets those decaying walls hold.

The building’s crumbling façades is weather-worn and battered, with glass-less windows and mossy walls. Tape recorders, old desks and battered sofas remain in the shell of Bennett college, strewn across the decaying building as an eerie reminder of the life that was there before the school closed its doors in 1978.

But that piece of history will soon be lost forever, as the old school building is set to be demolished any day from now. Parts of the school have maintained its former glory such as the grand looking staircase that just needs a quick sweep but much of it is already destroyed, with holes in walls and the roof casting beams of light onto dusty, splintered floors.

Due to the remoteness of the Bennett College school building vandals have started looting the building for the past few years.

A certain photographer Steven Bley went inside the decaying building, which has been fenced off since last August and took images of the building. He was told that demolition is imminent, the buildings stood greatly during the 1890 to 1978.

Here’s the video:

YouTube Preview Image
Private School in New York: Bennett College

Bennett College


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