Venus Palermo Make-up Tutorial for Achieving A Barbie Doll Image (Video)

by Anne Barnes on April 29, 2012

in Entertainment

In the world today there are lots of people who wanted to be recognized in a different and peculiar way oftentimes causing them to be become disturbing already. One of those few individual who gained worldwide audience and followers because of her online posting of herself which turns her into a living doll.

The 15-years-old Venus Palermo has a unique beauty turning her into a China Doll. She was called as the “living doll” as she choose to style herself into a doll-like figure. She came from South London and has already gained millions of followers on her tutorial on how to acquire a doll-like figures and feature.

Venus Palermo uploads a footage of herself making demos on how to become a doll. She had a cult following already on her YouTube Channel. Venus had a total of 30,000 viewers and 20,000 followers and counting on her social networking pages. Her online tutorials on how to mimic her look have been watched across the globe in almost 10 times among them were fans from Japan who told her that she really looked like a doll.

Margaret Palermo, the mother of Venus was also supportive with her daughter and with the parent’s consent Venus were planning to make more tutorials in the near future for her obsession with dolls and to make her followers be satisfied with her efforts.

Here’s one of the video tutorial of Venus Palermo:


Venus Palermo Video Tutorial

Venus Palermo

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