Lake Baikal Ice Drummers “EthnoBeat” Video

by Anne Barnes on January 2, 2013

in Amazing Facts

The Siberian Ice Drummers became famous after a YouTube video of the group was posted on the internet. Their sound is now considered as the coolest music in the world.

The group uses frozen Lake Baikal as an incredible musical instrument. At around minus 20C, they play one metre thick ice which produces a distinctive sound.

The Lake Baikals is one of the oldest lake in the world approximately 25 million years old and considered as the deepest lake also.

According to news site DailyMail, the group realized the musical potential of Lake Baikal only after the wife of one of their dummer fell over walking on the ice.

The musical performance of the Lake Baikal Ice Drummers was made on the frozen waters close to the popular tourist island of Olkhon. The group IRKUTSK ethnik percussion group, ETHNOBEAT posted the video on YouTube.

Here’s the video of Baikal Music:

Lake Baikal Percussionists Video

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