Dale Beatty: Newest CNN Hero

by timoy.me on February 17, 2013

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Dale Beatty is the newest CNN Hero. Dale Beatty has been once a member of the Field Artillery Unit. On 2003, he became a full time National Guard Readiness or NCO in favor for the Statesville Unit. On 2004, he had a mission in Iraq. His mission is to support “Operation Iraqi Freedom, units of Beatty were deploys on the 1st Infantry Division bear Bayji, Iraq.

November 15, 2004, Beatty was assigned in a strict order to a patrol route, suddenly the vehicle that he is riding on  has detonated an anti-tank land mine ending his two legs to be ripped apart.

Many supported Beatty after his incident on Iraq. Iredell Homes Builders Association helped them the same also to some also to some of the partners in community from Statesville, Carolina. They gave an adapted specialized barrier built for Beatty and his family.

Now Beatty and his family enjoyed their living as a happy family music binds their family.

Beatty helps the Happy Hearts Homes where he supports to give houses to people who are in need. That has made him the CNN Hero of the year.

Click the link to see video of Beatty in CNN as the CNN Hero of the year.

Dale Beatty; CNN Hero

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